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  • Diego Horcajada

Take advantage of the lockdown, invest in your professional development!

The current global crisis and its social and operational restrictions offer us the opportunity to slowdown and reflect on how to start again with a stronger and more resilient base.

At IPros, we would like to help you in this extraordinary period. In collaboration with the Demand Driven Institute, we are delighted to offer a unique opportunity for your professional development on Demand Driven strategies and practices.

The Demand Driven Institute is giving online access to their two flagship educational programs at 50% off the standard price. These online, on-demand programs are available in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish.

IPros, as an affiliate of the DDI, is pleased to offer an additional discount on top of the above-mentioned price reduction.

Do not miss this opportunity, contact us!


We help you make sound decisions on your toughest Supply Chain and Operations challenges.



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