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IPros Capability Building

"What if we train them and they leave? What if we don't and they stay?"

It is relatively easy to attribute a cost to the first question, the second is much harder but will cost you more in the end.

Our capability building programs include:

Change Management Support

We help you break the psychological barriers of organizational silos and the fear of unknown processes. We design pedagogical scenarios to embrace the changing nature of operations and enhance the understanding of the End to End value chain.


Tailored Training Programs

Supported by business simulation and IPros' proprietary training tools, our training programs are built to link learning with the business reality. We customize the training to align with your current operational constraints and ongoing projects in your organization.

Demand Driven Education

Traditional planning and managing methods fall short under the current business environment. Major changes in the way we plan and manage our Supply Chains are now becoming mandatory.

We help your organization navigate the transition. We adhere to strict standards pertaining to the education, training and implementation of Demand Driven MRP and the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise Model.

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