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  • Diego Horcajada

IPros is adapting for you

As part of our commitment to offering outstanding Supply Chain leadership and support, we are delighted to welcome two new colleagues to the IPros team. Leïla Bouhali and Clément Marini are supply chain professionals with strong backgrounds in Demand Driven and Operational Excellence Methodologies.

  • Clément joins our Core Team, he is a certified Demand Driven Leader Professional, and a Certified Lean Facilitator. With a dozen Demand Driven implementations, he brings to IPros a broad practical experience in Demand Driven and Operational Excellence.

  • Leïla who joins our Expert Support Team, is an endorsed instructor of the Demand Driven Institute for the two flagship programs, DDP and DDL. Leila brings with her 7 years of experience of DDMRP implementations in manufacturing and distribution environments.

They, like all IPros team, are looking forward to helping you enhance your supply chain performance.


We help you make sound decisions on your toughest Supply Chain and Operations challenges.



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