• Diego Horcajada

Why so much noise about DDMRP?

DDMRP enhances resilience of the supply chain by preventing volatility passing up and down the chain, and it achieves this by applying a very pragmatic and strategic approach to inventories:

  • Position: where does it make strategic sense to have inventory?

  • Protect: how do we protect these positions to prevent volatility from passing up and down?

  • Pull: how do we manage the supply order generation to ensure it responds to real market demand?

Diego Horcajada and Laurent Vigouroux will be co-teaching the DDP Program at the International Institute for the Management of Logistics and Supply Chain - IML. This is a great opportunity to learn the concept first-hand from one of the Top 10 DDI instructors in an exceptional venue: the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. Come and find out how to transform your supply chain into your business’ competitive advantage.

Registration: https://inform.epfl.ch/login.php?page=end


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