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  • Diego Horcajada

What is DDMRP?

DDMRP is an innovative method for multi-echelon Supply Chain Planning & Execution. It integrates the best of MRP, DRP, Lean, 6 Sigma and the ToC, outperforming formal planning methods (MRP or Lean based).

DDMRP is built on the principle that performing supply chains are driven by the flow of relevant information and true demand signals. It enhances the resilience of the supply chain by preventing the volatility to pass up and down through the supply chain, and it achieves this by applying a very pragmatic and strategic approach to inventories.

DDMRP manages global supply chain network complexity, increasing responsiveness to true demand signals, by decoupling the supply order generation process from inherently wrong forecasts.

Furthermore, as perfectly described by Patrick Rigoni, DDMRP is a necessary condition for Industry 4.0.


We help you make sound decisions on your toughest Supply Chain and Operations challenges.



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