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Tactical Level

Tactical decisions are concerned with the parametrization of your operating system. While they might not involve major investment, they have a considerable impact in your business competitiveness.


Examples of tactical decisions we can support you with:

  • Implementation of S&OP and Integrated Business Planning processes: An ever more dynamic and demanding market requires coherency and alignment between key commercial, financial and operational functions. S&OP and Integrated Business Planning processes are becoming vital for assuring competitiveness, but there is not One-Size-Fits-All solution! These processes must be adapted to each company reality and their implementation remains challenging and risky.

    At IPros we cumulate many years of experience in the design and execution of S&OP and Integrated Business Planning processes; we can help you designing and implementing yours.


  • Forecasting, planning and scheduling processes: These are key operational processes that fundamentally affect performances and cost. Unfortunately, they are often ill adapted, not aligned and ineffective. Finding the most suitable solutions is a complex challenge that requires a deep understanding of the needs and potential solutions.

    The IPros team possesses an extensive hands-on experience and many industrial realizations that constitute a valuable asset you can take advantage of; contact us for more information.


  • Dimensioning of inventories, procurement or manufacturing policies: adequately calibrating inventory, procurement and manufacturing processes means finding the proper balance between performances and cost. This is a touchy procedure that requires an appropriate modeling of the complex behavior of these operational systems. Inappropriate calibration easily leads to poor service levels or unendurable costs.

    Thanks to its proprietary simulation platform (D-OPT) combined with proven methodologies, the IPros team can support you in maximizing performances at minimum cost.

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