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Strategic Level

Strategic decisions influence the long-term design of your operating system. They have a major impact on the future of the company and need to be thoroughly evaluated to ensure they deliver the expected results.


Some examples of strategic decisions we can support you with:

  • Design of industrial and logistics networks: An effective network is paramount to fulfilling your service objectives, while protecting your bottom-line. Unforeseen evolutions can considerably modify the business environment; designing a robust network that can still operate correctly under new conditions is a key strategic issue. Furthermore, a periodic review of the network is needed to timely adapt it to constantly changing conditions.
    Natural disaster and other unpredictable events can lead to network disruption; assessing its resilience is essential for assuring a quit recovery of the business.

    Making use of our proprietary simulation platform (D-OPT) we support you in evaluating and redesigning your logistic network to assure its performance and sustainability


  • CAPEX Investment strategy: Your company sales are booming, and the latest forecast suggests that all your operations will be running at full capacity within two years? Then, it is time to make a crucial decision and invest in additional capacity to meet surging demand. The decision of where, how and when to invest is complex and vital. Because it combines multiple criteria with many uncertainties, it cannot be made using simplistic computations using excel spreadsheets.

    Capitalizing on our proprietary simulation platform (D-OPT) we generate a reliable quantitative basis that provides confidence in a challenging investment decision.


  • Make or buy decisions: A make-or-buy decision is not just an act of choosing between manufacturing a product in-house or purchasing it from a supplier. It is a strategic decision involving tradeoffs on costs, service level and benefits, and associated with several risks and uncertainties.

    By leveraging our proprietary simulation platform (D-OPT) we quantify and render visible the tradeoffs and risks impacting the decision.

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