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Operational Level

The operational execution allows to deliver day by day as per the expectations of your key stakeholders: customers, employees, community, environment and shareholders.


Examples of operational projects we support:

  • Shop floor optimization: On the production floor, useless costs are often generated by non-value-adding activities such as material transportation and handling. A large cost saving potential and efficiency improvement lay in a systematic optimization of the way material moves across the factory.

    At IPros we leverage our operational experience in manufacturing and warehousing environments, and our digital modeling and simulation capabilities to identify and eliminate non-productive activities and costs.


  • Production scheduling: the way production orders are executed on the shop floor has a critical influence on the operational costs and delivery reliability. Finding the optimal manner is a very complex issue, exceeding human capability and requiring the support of optimization procedures.

    IPros possesses the practical production experience and the optimization technology that can help you save investment cost and improve performances on the shop floor.

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